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My oh my

I haven't been here for 2 years?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Portrait of Love and Dust

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Son of the Moon

Night Magic by Jaimelavie.7264

The sleepy sound of the waves that breaks the eerie silence of the night and
the relaxing warmth of sand dunes underneath my feet,
provide a backdrop for the most romantic scene well-played by a solitary soul... in my head.

I am endowed with rich imagination, of hoisting casks of sweet memories iniquitously
extinguished by inhumane laws of morality... memories that constantly gets washed back ashore
no matter how much it ebbs away with the decaying age of tides.

I can make the misty yesteryears come back to life at this very moment. I can talk to the moon and wipe the nimbus puffs of solitude off its enigmatic face.

At a distance, I saw his naked silhouette slowly descending the flight of silver stairs that bridged the earthly past and the future secrets of the Host of the night skies.

Myriad of stars dazzled in his eyes as he reached down to become one with me.

And so... the ebony night struggled to keep us underneath its blanket of darkness.
And the rhythm of our breaths raced with the sound of the seas.

The rushing tide pushed its way between my thighs ... and the roars of thunder devoured his sonorous utterance of my name that signaled the peak of his love.

He was there for a while in my tightened grip as I grappled with the undeterred wrath of the ticking time. I struggled to keep him there... until the northern wind snatched him away and the hyenas scampered for the remnants of his scent on my tarnished gown.

I slowly opened my hands... and there he was, etched lucidly in the middle of my right palm.

I clenched my hand tightly, in hopes of keeping him there... in my thoughts... so long time ago... yet ........ always!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I see you from here

She lays on a grass cushion of thick green and observes a deep blue bowl of popcorn clouds that remain suspended in the air above her. It is one of those days that lie between her favorite overcast horizons and one of those times she would happily think of her little gazebo by the sea. She wears the most contented smile in the world as she touches on her favorite subject-him. She cries a little when she gets to that part where he had to temporarily say goodbye and promise to be back soon before the next full moon comes peeking through the thick layer of white memories. And she laughs a little when she comes to that part when he makes tiny revelations and minor misconceptions of her and her feminine nature. She gets a little excited as she gets to that part where she had to stand anxiously at the arrival area of the airport and see him there smiling back at her. And she gets overwhelmingly sad when she gets to that part when he forgets all the good things they have shard together and denies all the happiness he once claimed he felt while with her.

The endless reel of a love once lived, kept rewinding in her thoughts from start to finish... until she felt the skies rain down tears of sympathy on her dying hopes. She turned and looked and found no one lying next to her. She was alone under the rain... under the clouds that turned gray after a sorrowful absorption of her abandoned heart's sentiments.

It has been 3 long years. He has forgotten her.... and she is soon going to rest.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beautiful Waves in the Sky

The sheer draperies in her patio languidly danced with the moody breeze from the distant north. The night has fallen and she could see the moon slowly lay its face on gray pillows of vagabond clouds. She loves evenings like this. It makes her gladly gather all the memories that were laid to rot with the wrath of time, memories of the ancient him... memories she longed to recall with him.

The wooden dock over the still waters of the lake nearby is her constant refuge. She goes there every single evening and sits there while staring at the moon slowly rising high above. The moon knows her secrets and desires. The moon knows what she wants and comes down to fulfill her needs in his precious name.

He spoke about the moon with her many years past.He told her how much he sees her in it before every month renders its last quarter phase. He spoke of how the moon smiles at every whisper of her name and told promises he claimed would last forever.

Wherever they all went, only the moon knows about it now.

She sees beautiful waves in the sky. They are the moon's gift to her and hers to him.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The girl and her guitar

Photo by: GritjeVT

The road stretches far off before me. But here I am, standing still, and refusing to go any farther. There is so much left behind... I am looking back!

The path ahead leads to somewhere unknown.
And the bushes by the roadside hold the scent of bygone days. I could smell it and I could taste it in the air. I could feel it... but I couldn't touch it nor see it.

The stars up above spell the age of the Aquarius
And the song in my heart gets drowned in laughters from the ancient years.
Crickets are now silenced by the early morning crows of untamed fowls
And my nocturnal dreams are being banished by the fresh daybreak.

The morning dew are the tears of a murdered night and the sunrise is the after image of the earlier dawn and daybreak clash.
.... And the phenomenon recurs in twenty four tropical hours. But my life remains a trapped dream in a child's mind.

With her hen, the child sits waiting for her guitar to sing a song in its own accord.
But the rhythm remains the same.
The whole world is still... so long as she doesn't look too far ahead.

And the toads croak to the tune of her heart.
The thunder roars, the lighting strikes ... and the rain, falls upon her!
She looks around and sees him not!
And so, she stops and refuses to go any farther.

The empty road cries a lonesome journey to a promised land without him.

She refuses to go further!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not just an ordinary day!

I ran outside and stayed under the rain. It hasn't rained since last year and I thought I just missed it coming on my face. The clouds are thick and the sun is hiding, but I know that today is the most special day of all . I have plenty of special days for different purposes, but today is the day when the ancient person of my heart came into the world for me.

The heavens are celebrating for him and not for me. The flowers break the monotony of the dark gray skies from a distance... they are for him and not for me. The cooler summer breeze blows ... still for him and not for me. This love I feel... is only for him and not for me

To the ancient person of my heart, to my one true love,

How I wish I am the one to see you standing behind your candles on your cake and I am the one who hears your silent wish today. I wish you can even hear my own wishes for you. All for you... and never for me.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

... without you

Without a Trace by: Greetje vT

I was sobbing in the early morning the instant I woke up, because I dreamt of him (again) . In my dream, I seemed to be watching and enjoying a sports game at the park with my brother and our friends, and I suddenly had to go home with him. I remember how the house did not look like our one in the province. It seemed that we were at my grandpa's old house. I was alone with him in that house. And as we were about to engage in our passion for each other, Allain, a friend of my brother hollered from outside the window (if only I could kill him for this). He was asking me where my brother was and I had to pull my dress up again to quickly attend to him. My love- his eyes never left my face and they gazed at me like slaves, they followed as I went to speak with Alain.

Then I don't know how my brother's friend disappeared from the scene. I dozed off in my dream and I suddenly had to wake up, as if from a long afternoon's nap. It was already dark everywhere... and he was no longer there. I stood up and ran everywhere to find him. I checked all the rooms that were there, but I could not see him anywhere. Then I went out to the porch only to find myself locked in. My Honey, how sweet of him to have left me secured while I was sleeping, I thought. Then I saw something stuck to the door latch. It was a note from him. I quickly reached for it for I wanted to know where he went so I could go and follow him. I could sense the yearning in me to see him as I was trying to read it. He only left shortly while I was snoozing but I felt as though I haven't seen him for years. The note- it looked like a map with a brown background. It seemed like a leaflet that one gets from an Australian restaurant like the Outback. On the front page, I recognized his handwriting. It said: My Sweety, Zha__ ___ __ ... and I could not read anymore the words that followed. But then, I picked the sense that he went back to where we left my brother and his friends. I turned to the back page of the note and all I could see is a map encircled in red. I think he was trying to tell me where exactly I could find him. I ran to the gates but I couldn't unlock it. I was crying while trying to bolt out when I saw my mother outside. I asked her where my brother was for I thought that my honey might have went to see him. But my mom said my brother was already home for a long while. I sat and cried in disappointment for I knew I wouldn't be able to find my honey at all.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

... and she paints the skies with clouds.

"Love " by Kirra

A young girl dressed in white sun dress was on her way to the chapel up the hills. She had long shiny hair that was black as ebony and she had little curls that crested her dark brown eyes... those windows to her innocent soul, twinkled like the stars in the evening skies. She wore a red butterfly on her hair that her mother gave her on her 4th birthday and held a handful of wild sunflowers and blackberries that she picked along the narrow road from home. One hand played with the little heart-shaped jade locket chained to her neck and she hummed a little self-composed tune while she hopped all the way through the meadows. When she reached the steepest part of the hill, she stopped to survey the seashore down below and the beautiful white gazebo by the fire tree. The first time she saw that scenery- not really a long time ago, she instantly made her childish wish and turned to the lonely shrub next to her for her witness. She was dreaming that someday when she grew up, she would marry the man she would love forever in that beautiful place.

Such a thing of beauty! she thought, for it had a wooden framework with a glorious white coat that contrasted the stark blue horizons. She could only tell the sea from the skies through the cottony clouds that were artistically dispersed from east to west. She adored the picturesque scenery that greatly depicted her youthful and artistic imagination. She saw ice cream castles and satin bunnies, floating right above the all- tangerine flowers, that crowned the ever-thankful branches of a giant Fire tree.

Tangerine flowers, cobalt skies, turquoise waters, white gazebo... they all made one big and intangible dream that were captured in a single frame and stored in the corners of her mind. But there was something missing. She didn't know yet what it was.

30 years after, the girl turned into a fine young woman dreaming the same dream and hoping for the same wishes to come true. She still stands on that hill alone witnessing how the gazebo of her dreams has succumbed to the glory of an unruly vines’ purple bouquets, and surrendered to the slow decay of time. The sea flows in with a salty breeze and ebbs away with a name that spins the maypoles of her happiness. Now she knows what was missing from the panorama of her youthful dreams - she as a bride... and the ancient person of her heart as the groom!
One hand plays with the little heart-shaped locket chained to her neck, while she looks at the red butterfly hair ornament in her hand. The ice cream castles and satin bunnies took on different shapes and sizes, and are now floating right above the all- tangerine flowers, that still crown the ever-thankful branches of the giant Fire tree.

But her groom is gone... leaving all the memories of a vow once made yet totally broken.

A salty breeze carries the soothing whispers of the tide that flows in ... and his name slowly fades with the clouds as the ebb tide washes off his face from the canvass.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

While I'm Sleepin

There is a shadow on my curtain and a goblin on my lampshade. It is dancing on top of my bed and floating above my head. Its eyebrows, droop,... and its forehead, marked. It hangs itself upside down and spins across my mind so dark.

I turn my gaze from the floor to the windowpane and I see how the evening mist is trying to hoist the most unforgettable figure from my distant past... So intangible... and so visible
... yet only to my own eyes.

I am seeing his ghost!
He comes to me in different forms and haunts me every night and day.
I am not scared.
But my hands are trembling everytime they reach for him, and he suddenly disappears with every stroke of reality.

... He lives in my present and further through my future... but he is nothing but a memory and a figment of my imagination.

I don't want to open my eyes, see his face and not be able to touch him.
I don't want him to appear when the clock strikes 12 m.n. only to witness him quickly disintegrate with the moonbeam through my curtain.
I want him to linger with me ... only if he takes on a human form and a name that has constantly been spelled- out by the ancient drum in my heart.

Come to me... while I am sleeping.
So when I wake up... My life shall belong to you.

Monday, February 18, 2008

What do you want to tell me?

I saw hills of green and a small gathering down the ravine. I was curious to see what was going on so I climbed down the steep hills and approached a long table were everyone was seated. There was no food on the table, nor a sign that people were having a party. Instead, I saw him sitting in the other end of the table. I went in front of him and without a word, he handed me a plaid blouse and a pair of shorts which appeared to be sewn by him. I knew he made them especially for me even when he never uttered a word about it. I looked at them and thought they were actually nice. Only sone thing I have noticed, the shorts were too small for my size. I gazed back at him and saw his eyes. They conversed with mine but I could no longer understand what he was trying to say in silence.

I woke up, and I tried to figure out what this dream means. My tears signified how much I miss him.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

On Valentine's Day

I was staring at the horizons again today while seated at the Parasol, and I could think of nothing but the beautiful things in the past. I know they are beautiful to remember but they only make me sad because I miss them so much.

This is the first Valentine's Day that he has not called me and greeted me. I wish he will, even only in my dreams tonight.

Happy Valentine's Day, my love.

I want you to know that I never failed thinking about you anyway. Wherever you may be drifting now, my soul will always be for you. Sarangheyo

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Despite Everything

Beautiful memories of him, are always in my head.
He has snatched the sun away from me, but I have stars to guide me through.
There are things I cannot deny and one of this is the fact that I love him and I always shall in my own little way.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Dream

I was alone in a hut with him. The hut had two large windows. One was facing north and the other, west. He was hugging me from behind as we both stood there, looking at the tall plants and trees outside the window. The sky was dark and I was naked with so much love in secrecy... He wore a very white shirt and nothing else.

He said I shouldn't ask him questions as to why he is with me now for I already know that she is just where he left her. When he kissed me... I knew I was again in the same situation as before. His moments with me are happiness stolen from her.

I sensed there was a stranger observing us from outside. I began to feel conscious about those prying eyes that I had to ask him to go and shut the windows.

And as he did... he disappeared.

I woke up with tears in my eyes. I miss him so much now but there is nothing I can do to make him come back to me.

How cold has his heart become that he forgot every single thing about me? How much lies did he tell me that he no longer remembers his promises to me? How bad have I been that he thinks I deserved the last words he told me?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beyond Senses

Published as "Goodbye Cruel World" by Mr.Ed

It is like that moment that the dying would describe minutes before they breathe their last. There is nothing you see but series of incessant images flashing before your very eyes. But this time… so noiselessly, so mutely… so eerily silent yet filled with emotions growing even more intense as you are nearing the end.

You get to see everything from the moment you cast a smile on something he wrote, to the first flower you ever got from him, from the site of his pictures to the feel of his real face in your palms, from his mere description of himself to the first time you ever smelled his scent while he moved closer to you, from the first time you ever heard him say “I love you” to the very first moment you felt his lips press on to yours, from the moment he held your hands to the first time he ever made love to you.

The clock ticks away the minutes so rapidly. And for the first time you wanted to hold it back for you are afraid that he won't be in the next frame of your life anymore.

Then the last scene flashes before you, it contains events that you regret- That particular moment that you could ‘v erased if only you are miraculously graced with another five minutes of your life to live in the past. ..that moment when you had to end everything so abruptly.

Your fingers start to loosen its grip as your heart begins to slow down its pace. And as you ebb away, the more severe your longing for life becomes. You wanted to hold on to that last scene again. That moment you shared with him .. the moment that could’ve lasted longer if only you paid more attention to your heart.

The images grow hazier around you and as it does.. you begin to worry for you want to know what happens after you are gone. You want to find out how the world goes as you are being jettisoned from the great big vessel of life.

It makes you go wild to know that there is nothing else you could do now. As you struggle to save your last breath for the last dream you can ever create in your thoughts, your system begins to malfunction.

Now, your mind is drifting away from that place you once called your home.. to a place where you don’t recognize anyone or anything at all, a place where you won’t feel any grief or bliss.. neither tears nor laughter.. a place where there is no You nor Him.

Then you wait in patience as you approach a certain wormhole where you will be given a second chance to prove yourself worthy of an extended life. Your head aches as you wish harder for a new one you would entirely spend with him. But such is not happening.

Your mind zooms back into that last love scene again and you begin completing the story with more details, with more intense emotions, with bliss this time and not sorrow... with higher hopes and better dreams. With him again!

Memories begin to spin like rings within rings.. like spirals within circles, like twirling tops that move onto the never ending flow of striped lamps seen in every barbershop entrance, like a spinning record on a turn table … like the ripples that disperse as a pebble is dropped in a your reflection in his eyes and his in yours.

A small wish for his presence escapes your lips and you hope he can hear every single word you utter at this very moment. You want him to believe that these words will remain true even after you are gone.

The electrocardiograph is now struggling to pick up the faintest signal from your heart and your soul now sees the last piece of the jigsaw slowly being put to place. The ultimate moment is here.

And you close your eyes ... and your body becomes light as your soul drifts farther and farther away from it.

The scenes become fainter, smaller... hazier.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Last Sighting

Siem Reap International Airport

I knew it was the last time. I just felt it!
I was already on the plane and minutes seemed to fly quicker than I thought. It took another hour before the plane finally departed, probably due to some problems with the luggage. I wasn't sure, as the announcement in English sounded like a Morse code and did not make much of a difference from the sound of their local language. I was also listening to Coldplay at that time and all I could think of is the probability that I won't see him again. That thought made me feel very sad that I could not pay attention to anything else going on around me. I was already missing him so much. I wanted to run out of the plane to call him but I knew that there wasn't any pay phone to use. My mobile phone was dead and useless that I even wanted to throw it away.

We did not talk about parting. Nor did we ever mention it at all. He assured me it wouldn't be the last time I would see him and now I couldn't wish for more than that little promise to have come true.

I knew it maybe too impossible. I know now that he doesn't love me anymore... or maybe, he never even did.

Eventually, there were more events that happened which made me realize that I was the only one who really ever loved.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Pick me up

by: Babushka

Saturday, January 05, 2008

As I go back to Manila

* A republished journal from Summoning The Winds Blogspot

I am sitting here...waiting to board the aircraft that will take me back to a place that spells out a lonesome walk through life in his absence. And as I fixate my gaze beyond the glass walls of the airport lounge, I can see things of beauty that will remain unaltered only when left alone in my mind.

Burning leaves sculpt a smoky mist over the endless rice field of ripened gold. And the distant mountains provide a silhouetted backdrop for a lonely tree that crests a nearing bounty.

The sky wears a blissful orange monochrome that suggests the long day’s approaching end. And the flickering gloom from a farmer's oil lamp engages in a futile battle with the grayscaled shadows of the approaching dusk.

Like me, *Coldplay is in Trouble - he spun a web and is now tangled up with it.

Unto the horizon, stretches the vast runway, riddled with lamps in basic colors of red, yellow and blue. The instructive glares of the lamps construct a discotheque of rain-driven fireflies before my eyes.

... My mind spins into a wormhole of yesterday and my soul is now traveling far into its virtual realm clattered with his ancient promises... My soul is gasping for air!

A heatwave emerges out of the propellers as the northern wind's innocuous chill, interferes with the mechanism.

The mirage gives birth to a distorted image of him which I will painfully harbor from Gate 4 to the arrival area in Manila (Doors... Gates... Airports, Goodbyes - Such lonely things to think of!)

Such things of beauty I see, I cannot come to grasp!

I cannot come near any nor see just a portion... for such beauty is born only, where everything is seen from a distance like mine.

*Coldplay - an English band vocalist/pianist Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion.

Trouble by: Coldplay

Thursday, December 20, 2007

All for you... and you alone!

If only the songs could bring him to me… I will sing a million of them.

If only I could hold him in my arms again ... I will be the Sri Vishnu.

If only my tears could lure him back to me … I shall cry an ocean

If “home” to him is where I am… Never again shall I travel far

If his reminiscences revolve around me … I shall be an ever spinning wheel

If he tells me he loves me one more time … Never again shall I break his heart.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ruthlessly Extinguished

I wish i am now standing on a deserted roadside just after the rain and seeing the gray skies over the rocky coastlines. I wish I am in that place deprived of the presence of any other soul but mine. I wish i could feel that familiar cool breeze on my face as I walk towards the shore with a can of beer in my hand. I wish I am alone this very moment so I could release this never ending pain from within me. My soul is slowly dying. I am thirsty!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Where I wait for you...

Photo by: Mike.Irwin

And the skies turned gray while the leaves dried out. And the ice cream castles in the skies horrendously turned into gray barrels of endless precipitation. I can see nothing across the horizon.I cant see him.
And the skies wore a monotonous black gown keeping all the night jewels under its kilt. So barren is the land in front of me now. Barren I call it, for it showed no signs of him. The mirage from the distance never took his form. Even my sonorous cries never produced his ears.

The Parting

Photo by: Martin Raab

Tires screeched as the car swerved to a sharp curve. With Roxane’s Veil on Vanessa Mae’s electronic violin, I could almost fly. With every crescendo, I could feel my heart swell underneath my ribcage. With every beating of the drum, I could almost hear the violent snapping of my veins that held my sanity together.

The wipers did little to clear the wind shield of the tears from the angered skies and the heater did very little in keeping my drenched body warm. The rain has left its residue on my disheveled hair, has dripped unto my face and has gladly concealed my grief.

My soul is dead!

I decided to stop at a deserted spot overlooking the vast stretch of pine-riddled road ahead of me - I had to think all alone.

In my solitude I thought of how the world is like a mirror that that does nothing but reflect life's greatest torment- love and uncertainty.

"Love" and "Uncertainty" are such broad topics and I don't understand how I came down to them without having the intention of delving into them really.

I only wanted to talk about how I felt one rainy day and why I felt it. But for some reason, I couldn't put them all together in few words. When times like this happen, I leave everything till comes the time when I feel like talking about it again.

... till then

Sunday, November 18, 2007

In your absence


I had a dream last night. It was about him. It was a dream that made me cry in the morning after finding out that everything was not real.

I was online looking at my messenger and finding him there under the sign name- +488- - ( I could no longer remember the rest of the digits). He was talking to me and pasting some poem that I once sent him as though trying to remind me how I once believed in every word I once wrote in it. The poem came in with a background image that seemed like an aquarium. Or were they clouds? I don't know... I cannot remember well. All I can recall is that, the backdrop was blue and the file was supposed to be the original file that I once gave him.

I also remember how I suddenly had to hurry back to my laptop fearing he had logged off while I was away. But I found him still there...and that made me very happy.

I woke up. My laptop was off and there wasn't such a thing as that kind of messenger online. It wasn't Yahoo, nor was it MSN or ICQ. Nothing like AOL, or the ones i knew of. If his sign name were a zip code, of which country? If I indeed sent him such a poem, why couldn't I remember a single phrase in it?

I could not remember our online conversation well but I do remember how I felt while he was there talking to me. It felt just exactly like the old times. I found him sweet, loving, and well-missed.

What could this dream mean? Does he miss me too? Is he trying to tell me a message? If so, what? Does he still believe we are soulmates? Does he still think of Somehow...Someday...Somewhere? Does he still love me?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

... The Unheeded

I am standing at the edge of a wooden dock looking at the overcast skies underneath the waning phase of the moon. I could hear faint thunder roars a few seconds after the heaven’s electrical charges illuminate the tip of the mountain from a distance. I could feel the cold wind on my skin and all I could think of is the moon that’s so beautiful even at the last quarter of its August phase.

I always came to this little place in my mind as a child and now I am here to beg the god of the night skies like a child again.

“Let him hear me, oh Moon! Let him come to me and I shall divulge my soul’s secret- one that I have not disclosed to anyone other than you. Let the nimbus clouds give birth to him tonight and let him descend unto the terraincognita of my being. Let him be in me and I in him …let us be billions of light years away from the vanity of those who call themselves Christians”. Let us both live in perpetuity with “non-existence” … let us be free”

Bereave me of these…and my soul shall breathe its last!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Amative Transcendence

The King and the Rook
Originally uploaded by terraincognita11th.

I gazed above the skies and this is what I saw- the remarkable manmade glory of ancient Kampuchea. I was standing at the peak of some high structure (i cant remember the name) waiting for the sun to set so I could witness what others would gladly travel halfway around the world to see. Indeed it was spectacular. The scene made my mind wonder. It made me finally find out for myself how the sun would call it a day in a place where he would be… this is how he sees everything above him.

So how in the world did I end up in Cambodia? This is not the first time I ever went places around the world. But there is something to this place...Something that makes me ask how I ever got so lucky to see the miraculous spectacle above me coupled with the sight of the most wonderful reason as to why I was glad to travel all the way from the Philippines to behold- The Ancient Owner of My Heart.

Like the temples in Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom that give Cambodia its remarkable resplendency, he emerges as the most striking symbol of extraordinariness, amidst the monotonous existence of mediocre Homo Sapiens Sapiens around me. He to me has descended directly from the temple of Zues and is the son of Aphrodite. And through the divine intervention of yet a more powerful supernatural being, he was given a human form to make me perceive who is now known to me as my soul mate.

This human form has been given an ethereal feature so that he exists for no one else but me ... and I alone!

And then I looked down again from where I stood and he no longer was there... He wasn't really there, for his mind has drifted far into a realm of my dying sun... And from where I stood, I have witnessed how the Asian sunset brought forth the twilight of our chapter together. And then... I could almost touch the darkness that would soon befall us!

But my soul never dies with the day - It only sleeps through the night to witness another morning. My mind runs through an endless circle of hope that sends forth our story to an ever spinning reel.

I am a far greater magician than the ones you have ever come to know for I can pull him out not just from under my sleeves. I can make my mind give birth to a million him so I can take all of him to the ends of my deathless world. I shall continually do this... for with him,

dusk never weeps in bereavement of the day gone past!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Nameless Frames

Nameless Frames
Originally uploaded by terraincognita11th.
I was seated on one of the ancient windows of the Bayon Temples in Angkor Thom which is also near Angkor Wat after a long day's walk and this is what my amazing tour guide came up with.

Some of the walls in this area were restored but sadly not in such a way that nobody would notice the difference from its original. Surely they couldn’t find solid stone pillars to replace the worn out parts of the once glorious Buddhist temples in Cambodia... but perhaps i thought i could adorn it with a little bit of me.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Way He Makes Me Feel

by: Barbra Streisand

There’s no chill and yet I shiver
Theres no flame and yet I burn
Im not sure what im afraid of and yet I’m trembling
There’s no storm yet I hear thunder
And im breathless why?,… I wonder
Weak one moment then the next im fine
I feel as if I’m falling every time I close my eyes
And flowing thru my body is a river of surprise
Feelings are awakening I hardly recognize as mine
What are all this loose sensations?
What’s the secret they reveal?
I’m not sure I understand
But I like the way I feel
Why is it that every time I close my eyes he’s there
The water shining on his skin the sunlight on his hair
And all the while I’m thinking things that I cant wait to share with him
I’m a bundle of confusion
Yet it has a strange appeal
Did it all begin with him and the way he makes me feel?

I like the way he makes me feel!

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